Medium Cannon Surrogate Projectiles – STANAG 4569 Level 5 & 6

Posted in: Products on March 31, 2016

30x137mm AP-T surrogate

Hephaestus Consulting are extremely proud to offer surrogate test projectiles to suit the most recent version of STANAG 4569 for levels 5 and 6 KE – Medium Cannon.

These cost effective surrogate projectiles are reverse engineered from the specified but almost impossible to acquire PMB 073 (25x137mm APDS-T), PMB 090 (25x137mm APFSDS-T) projectiles as well as the difficult to source and fire 30x165mm AP-T soviet projectile. With matched metallurgy and full batch control and traceability back to the raw material these surrogates provide matched ballistic penetration performance, repeatable flight behaviour all at a affordable price – ideal for ballistic solution development.

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Data sheets:

25x137mm APDS-T    25×137 APFSDS-T     30×165 AP-T     30×137 APFSDS-T