Fragment Launch

Abnormal Threat Services

Here at Hephaestus we like a challenge, the more unusual the better. This has led us to a stage where we can offer our “we’ll launch anything” service line.

For any threat, requirement, task or standard (including TV and special effects comissions) which require something unusual travelling at speed it is our goal to make it happen. Primarily we use a combination of gas and powder cannons and a variety of sledding facilities provided by our third party partners to achieve an accurate and unusually, repeatable test in a quantifiable and scientific manner.

Hephaestus have a unique capability for the launch of novel and unusual fragments. Our current suite of launchers are suited from small, high velocity projectiles (<25mm diameter  up to 2000m/s) to very large fragments. New for 2016 we will be commissioning our 120mm calibre debris launcher for brick and building rubble studies as well as TV / special effects projects.

Examples of our previous work have included launching bricks and paving slabs at armoured vehicles, dropping concrete debris on component assemblies and even the simulation of armoured vehicles passing through heavy forest at speed.

If you require a service or even just advice on how to scientifically achieve an unusual or unattainable trial please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hyper-velocity launch of smaller fragments is possible on request.


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