Advice & Analysis

Technical Consulting Services

Hephaestus can provide technical support and advice in all areas of armour, ballistics, security and survivability. Our experience ranges from definition and classification of threats (both conventional, improvised and, terrorist), specification of solutions and production of finished products.

Hephaestus has a wide range of experience in the design and qualification of armour systems and protective materials. Services we provide include:

  • Review of qualification / batch test data
  • Development of commercialisation plans
  • Armour design advice / consultancy
  • Qualification planning / project management
  • Reverse engineering / forensics of projectile or armour samples
  • Attack / Incident / Strike cause & effects analysis

Recent experiences of terrorist attacks in London, New York, Paris & Belgium (amongst many others elsewhere in the world) sadly highlight the need for ballistic, blast and bomb resistance to be designed into all aspects of public life. Customer Service counters, airline desks, train ticket desks, bank counters, security check points amongst many other installations are often on the front line of any security incident. Blast, fragmentation and debris from terrorist bombs / suicide devices is responsible for the vast majority of injuries during such incidents. Despite this there are many low cost and easily implemented measures to help protect your staff, infrastructure and premises.

Hephaestus can help to answer the following essential security questions your business must be considering:

  • Do you know what your threat really is?
  • Do you have the correct security, protection, armour products?
  • Are you aware of what technology is available to satisfy your security needs?
  • Do you need to know how to protect your assets and products?
  • Are your premises secure against terrorist bomb and IED threats?

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