Test, & Evaluation

Hephaestus can provide professional, efficient and cost effect T&E services through our network of test houses in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Ballistic Certification Services including:

  • NIJ (PPE & Hard Armour)
  • STANAG 4569 >level 6 (30mm APFSDS)
  • VPAM
  • VBIED >1000kg NEQ
  • RPG (Including free-flight)EFP / IED
  • Buried IED / Blast / Grenade
  • Spall testing and Pi

Where non-standard, novel or customer specific tests are required Hephaestus can design and construct bespoke trials programmes working closely with the engineers and technical authorities when and where required.

We also design and supply custom instrumentation products and services for a range of ballistic and blast tests.